Hair Loss Diagnosis

Hair loss might appear with different patterns and because of several different causes.

Here at DHI Global Medical Group we recognize that the correct diagnosis is the basis for successful and permanent treatment. That is why we have collaborated with internationally renowned professors from public European Universities, including Charalambos Papageorgiou from the National University of Athens.

These collaborations have led to the most sophisticated system for hair loss, the world famous DSA which is offered only by DHI centers worldwide.

DSA was developed by a team of world renowned experts to provide an accurate and personalized diagnosis for all types of Alopecia- hair and scalp disorders.

DSA is comprised of:

  1. Dermatological and Medical Examination
  2. The Alopecia Test
  3. Psychological Aspects
  • Dermatological and Medical Examination

A thorough dermatological check is performed on the scalp. The patient’s medical history is assessed to identify the possible presence of dermatopathy or other illness that could make treatment like transplantation difficult. In addition, each patient’s type of alopecia is determined.

  • The DHI Alopecia Test

The DHI Alopecia Test is performed by a team of DHI Specialists which includes a dermatologist, a plastic surgeon, an endocrinologist, a psychologist and an administrative consultant.

Here we perform trichometry in the area where thinning is apparent, using the latest analytical methodologies. In this way we get a clear picture of the magnitude of the problem and assess the amount of hair available for lifetime exportation.
Hair density is measured, hair type (normal, dry or oily hair), and also the patient’s hair loss grade, based on the Norwood scale.

  • Psychological Aspects

Stress can cause hair loss, and in turn hair loss can cause stress – a vicious circle
Each patient undergoes a psychological test so that the treatment of anxiety and depression might also be addressed with suitable therapy

The Stress Test is the first step of the DSA. For DHI, psychological investigation of every patient suffering from hair loss and scalp disorders is a priority.

The Stress Analysis was developed in collaboration with Professor of Psychiatry in the University of Athens, Charalambos Papageorgiou, during an in-depth study and exploration of psychiatric dimensions of hair diseases, in order to determine the necessity of combinatorial access of these conditions and any underlying psychopathology.