Pre Session Intsructions

1. Eight (8) – ten (10) days before the procedure do not take any aspirin or any medication containing Salicylic Acid or any anticoagulant.
2. Five (5) – eight (8) days before the procedure do not take any vitamins (especially vitamin E) or any other nutritional supplements.
3. Two (2) – five (5) days before the procedure do not drink any alcoholic beverages,
4. If you receive any other medication especially psychiatric or cardiological drugs should consult with your physician and get a written consent in order to proceed for the scheduled operation.
5. If you are over 45 years old a cardiologic examination is necessary (ECG Electrocardiogram) and submit it prior to the operation.
6. It is recommended to eat a light meal in the morning before the procedure but it is best to avoid caffeine consumption.
7. Please wear a button up shirt on the morning of the procedure and not something that goes over your head.
8. For your own safety you should not drive a vehicle after the procedure.
9. If you use minoxidil prior to the procedure, you should stop applying it five (5) days before. You can restart the usage fifteen (15) days after the procedure.
10. Do not have your hair cut before the procedure.