1) Do not touch the recipient area for the first 3 days.
2) Sleep on your side (or your back, the doctor will advise you) for 4-5 days.
3) Return to exercise 7 days after the session and avoid heavy weight lifting for 10 days.
4) Please avoid direct sun exposure for 4 weeks (we recommend to use a cap after the first 4 days).Do not swim in the sea for 7 days and pool for 10 days
5) Do not use helmet for 15 days.
6) Avoid usage of chemical products, like lack, gel, Toppik etc. for 1 month
7) Avoid or minimize smoking for 3 days. Do not consume alcohol whilst taking antibiotics (if any).
8) We recommend attending follow-up evaluations at 2, 6, 9, 12 and 18 months after your session.
9) We recommend wearing a button up shirt or something with a zip for the next 5 days.



Α. What do I need to avoid the next days?

The following days are very important for the growth and survival of the follicles.
• For the next 4-5 days sleep on your side depending on where the new follicles are placed. They should not be in touch with the pillow. You may use a travel pillow to help.
• Avoid sun or rain exposure. We recommend starting using a hat after 4 days. Alternatively, you can ask for our specifically designed DHI hats.
• Avoid swimming for a week and underwater swimming for ten days.
• Avoid heavyweight lifting during the first seven days. (Also intense workout or any kind of exercise)
• Do not use a helmet for two weeks.
• Avoid usage of chemical products on your hair, like lack, gel, Toppik etc. for 1 month.
• Avoid or minimize smoking for 3 days and do not consume alcohol whilst you are taking antibiotics (if any).
• Avoid too much salt and sugar consumption whilst taking anti-inflammatory medication.
• Avoid aspirin for the next three days.


Β. How do I wash my head right?

You can always visit your nearest DHI clinic and ask the qualified personnel to wash your hair. Nevertheless below you can find some analytical information on the way to wash your head the following days.

• The day of your session: Do not wash your head. Just spray with natural saline solution provided every half an hour except whilst sleeping.

• The next two days of the session: Make sure you soak the gauze with the saline very well and gently remove it from your donor area. Spray the area with the saline solution and for faster healing use the DHI Soothing lotion locally by spraying 2-3 times. Continue spraying your recipient area with the natural saline every 30 minutes except whilst sleeping.

• Third day of the session: Stop praying the recipient area with the natural saline and gently wash the whole head. Cautiously soak the whole head with lukewarm running water. You may partially block the flow of the water with your hand so that the scalp is not subject to strong, direct pressure. Apply DHI Extra Mild Shampoo in your hand first to create lather. Use circular movements with very light pressure. Rinse with a lot of water. Continue spraying the donor area with the soothing lotion locally for another two days. Repeat the washing of the whole head in the evening.

• For the following 6 days: Continue washing of the head twice a day and each day apply a little more pressure to clean the scabs and aid rapid healing process.

• After 10 days you should be back to normal pressure when washing the recipient area to remove any residual scabbing and to keep the scalp clean. If you notice some transplanted hairs falling out with crust at the top and a bulb at the bottom (the bulb is not the follicle), this is normal and is part of the shedding phase. From now on you can wash your hair once a day for the following two months. In case you experience itching we do advise to wash the hair twice a day.


C. What to do in case I feel itchiness or dry skin?
There is no reason to worry. You may experience itchiness or dry skin during the first days after the procedure. This is part of the healing process. In that case you may repeat the washing or simply spray with cool natural saline spray.
D. What to do in case I feel numbness?
Do not worry if you feel numbness. It is a common symptom due to the development of peripheral skin nerves. It will last for a few days or weeks in most cases and you don’t need to take any medication.
Ε. What to do in case of noticeable edema?
You may experience swelling between the 2nd and the 5th day post operatively. Edema can start from the hairline and move to the forehead and end up to the area around the eyes and nose. This is nothing to be worried about as it goes off after a few days. Try to be persistent in taking your medication. You may help the swelling by lightly massaging the forehead from the mid area towards the temples. Contact the clinic for further advice.
F. What to do in case of intense pain?
In case you feel intense pain (especially at the donor area), please contact the Manager of the clinic. You may need to take anti-inflammatory medication.